I can help you master an innovative mindset to save costs, close material loops and do good. Because all Matter counts

Alexander Prinsen is an Circular Innovation Expert, Speaker and author (in progress) on Sustainable and Circular Business models. He helps Business implement and accelerate with traditional and Circular+Innovative+Sustainable solutions. Because all Matter counts.

Alexander provides agency for companies co-creating a visionary and pragmatic future based on common sense and innovative thinking. He brings a refreshing view on how ecological thinking based on Physics, Biology and Bio-Chemistry will change Business Models for the better.

He will inspire, empower and enable individuals, teams and companies to move beyond dreaming and start making a better future happening. 

Working with Alexander will be infectious and his energy will inspire you to get going! Read here what others say about me

To the point, so we can get to get done what is needed.

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Speaker and Facilitator

I provide highly interactive Keynotes to fire start your strategic sessions on Sustainability, (Eco)Innovation and Business Modelling.

We live in an exciting time period of human history. Our society is being challenged from many directions all at the same time. All signs are indicating we are entering a new industrial Era and the rules of the game need to be rewritten.

How to do we deal with all these challenges? It depends on if you have the mindset to take on our future challenges from a systemic perspective.

Alexander challenges companies and individuals to look beyond the borders of their own domain. And to embrace new ideas and system connections of everything around us.

Alexander believes there are positive alternatives on how we can operate our business models. And by the same time do good for business, environment and our planet.

His latest research project, The Masters of Beautiful Achievements, on what we can learn from zero wasting profitable business models.

People who have seen Alexander in action, know how infectious his energy is. Seeing and working with Alexander will energize you into a “Can do” mindset, his wide variety of innovation and creativity topics are always thought-provoking. Afterwards you will have a great set of insights to discuss with your friends, colleges and business partners. Alexander’s presentations are always a wake-up call, making you think about your (sustainable) challenges differently.

What makes Alexander so unique is not only the content he shares, but also the way he presents it. Alexander is a born facilitator mixing personal insights and anecdotes with humour in the how business & life intertwine.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of business development, team building and innovation consulting, in nearly all industries, Alexander is able to relate to the specifics in any given sector, sharing tangible ideas, spot-on inspiration and actionable advice. The combination of speaker and facilitator is where Alexander excels.

Alexander loves to travel. He is a globetrotting Dutch now living in Rotterdam The Netherlands, and working globally to service clients.

See Alexanders’s full resume on Linkedin and read the testimonials here to the right what clients say about Alexander.

As an independent researcher, circular business model expert and entrepreneur I’m supporting professionals and companies generating more value out of business (Eco)nomics using (Eco)logy as starting point.

I will inspire, empower and enable individuals, teams and companies to move beyond dreaming and start to make the future happening. My Keynotes, Moderation and Facilitation sessions are infectious and after meeting me you will want to start implementing yourself !

''Besides being a great business partner, Alexander is an incredible source of solutions to make almost any kind of business one of the next frontrunners in sustainability. He is knowledgeable, motivating and extremely practical and “no.frills”. Those who know me are aware that I am very serious about sustainability, hating to hear the word spelt inappropriately. Well, Alexander is one of the few that I would listen to for hours hearing what he can come up with to find truly, practical and profitable sustainable solutions to the business challenges of today. He is to become a trendsetter for entrepreneurs worldwide (and well on the way to)''

Federico Fioretto – Sustainability, Leadership & Conflict Transformation

“Alexander geeft duidelijk de noodzaak van actie aan. Hij  confronteert studenten met de grote risico’s in de toekomst als we niks doen, maar geeft ook aan hoe werk in de toekomst gaat veranderen. Met een grote aantal voorbeelden laat Alexander studenten zien wat ze nu al kunnen doen om aan de slag te gaan en met oplossingen te komen, waarbij de natuur het startpunt is. De gastcolleges van Alexander zijn een uitstekende aanvulling op het lesprogramma als bron van ideeën en extra inspiratie.”

Gert Walhof MBA (Lector Inkoopmanagement – Professor Purchasing) &
Nol Hovens (docent Duurzame Bedrijfsvoering) Hanzehogeschool Groningen University of Applied Sciences

''Tijdens de landelijke inkoopdag voor drinkwaterbedrijven, met als thema circulair inkopen, heeft Alexander ons in een vogelvlucht meegenomen in de wereld van de circulaire en de blauwe economie. Inspirerende voorbeelden van over de hele wereld tezamen met de bevlogenheid van Alexander geven je voldoende stof tot nadenken. En niet alleen dat, het geeft je ook voldoende aanleiding om vooral te DOEN!''

Dirk Mathijssen – Manager Inkoop & Facilitair Beheer (Evides Waterbedrijf)