Systemic Integrator for personal and business transitions

We live in an exciting time period of human history. Our society is being challenged from many directions at the same time. All signs are indicating we are entering a new industrial Era and the rules of the game need to be rewritten.

How to do we deal with all these challenges? Where to find the basic knowledge and develop the mindset to take on our future challenges?

Alexander brings Systemic Design Thinking and Doing into the heart of sustainable change. As an independent researcher, circular business model expert and entrepreneur I’m supporting professionals and companies generating more value out of business (Eco)nomics using (Eco)logy as starting point to create industrial (Eco)systems.

I will inspire, empower and enable individuals, teams and companies to go beyond dreaming and start making it happen. My Keynotes, Moderation and Facilitation sessions will make want to get out of your comfort zone. My enthusiasm is infectious and after meeting me you will want to start implementing yourself

Alexander Speaks about

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Systemic (Circular) Sustainable (Blue) Business models

Inspired by Nature & Biomimicry

Open Source & Do It Yourself (DIY)

Education & Empowerment

Personal & Team Development

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Globally I’m researching sustainable business models through my MBA program, Masters of Beautiful Achievements. I’m globally visiting Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Designers to learn about tomorrows sustainable challenges. Each meeting is a personal lecture on specific subjects to learn what we can do better.

The program is inspired by Blue Economy, Biomimicry, Open Source, Do it Yoursef movement and many many more.

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Implementing Sustainable Design & Business Models

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Alexander facilitates startups and existing companies how to (re)designing regenerative business models using the Systemic Design as starting point.

Alexander will help you navigate through your sustainable challenges to discover new business opportunities.

Either as facilitator, moderator or consultant Alexander will ensure you can go ahead in realising your sustainable ambitions



Becoming a change maker is a challenge in itself. Leading the way in transitions is only for the bravehearts daring to follow their dreams and aspirations.

Alexander supports you with personal coaching roadmaps to get to your aspirations. With reflection and objective feedback I share you my lessons learned.

About Alexander 


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There is no TRY
– Yoda-

Good ideas deserve to be realised. In order to do so, you must activate and motivate yourself; to retrieve the maximum from your unique and original talents and inspire others to join you. Visualise your own dream with joy in your heart and then courageously pursue that vision.

Growing up with dyslexia taught me to think visual in associative ways. I believe everybody deserves to have a life based on authenticity. To simply be yourself, to be you.

After a burnout I had to ignite myself again. My coach challenged me to define my Olympic Dream and ever since my live has changed. I belong on the crossroad where personal development meets the road of entrepreneurship. My drive is to stimulate creative ideas and execute them. Each initiative and incentive, I believe, leads to something new and for this reason,

I dedicate myself to working and collaborating with others to realise ideas we first dream. Life is a continuous adventure in which we accumulate a wide variety of experiences and receive opportunities to bring out the best of ourselves and share this with the world.

This, in a nutshell, is how I like to be and what I continue doing. For if one person helps motivate and inspire others, we can all contribute in realising a sustainable future.


University of British Colombia (Vancouver, Canada): Mentor students Civil Engineering community project

Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Peniche, Portugal): Lecture

Hanze University of Applied Science (Groningen, The Netherlands): Lecture

Universitas Surabaya (Surabaya, Indonesia): Dialog meeting Sustainablity

1st National Circular Procurement day Dutch Water Companies (Netherlands): Keynote and Moderator

I’m action and impact driven, so I love to hear from you how we can collaborate.

You can also contact me at info (at) Alexanderprinsen dot com

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 56.796.218

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