Alexander Prinsen is a global speaker and author on innovative sustainable business models. He accelerates organizations on how to look beyond the borders of their domain to innovate in a smarter way.

I will inspire, empower and enable individuals, teams and companies to move beyond dreaming and start to make the future happening. My Keynotes, Moderation and Facilitation sessions are infectious and after meeting me you will want to start implementing yourself ! Read here what others say about my keynotes

Alexander Speaks about:

The Zero Waste Economy; the future vision of a circular economy. Our current path to sustainability has trouble to find the tools! So let’s learn from the best of what is already there and learn to do much better.

This interactive and engaging keynote is based on the latest research by Alexander for his new book: The Art of Creating Abundance: Knowledge of a sustainable future, with great insights & examples to learn from how to do it. More info here.

Inspiration is drawn from my personal research based on the latest insights from Blue Ecomomy, Biomimicry, Open Source and others.

Image a world where Water, Food and Energy is for free. How will this impact the business models of:

  • Facility Management
  • Water Companies
  • Energy production
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • AgriCulture & Biorefinery
  • Pensions
  • Healthcare
  • Technology

Empowerment for implementation – how passion is driving innovation; A personal reflection and story of Alexander about his insights of successful teams and community innovations.

Based on his research of sustainable innovations, Alexander shares his personal reflection on the impact of sustainable social development.

Image you can become a scientist, designer, inventor, artist and entrepreneur is one. How would your day look like ?

Lectures for students, young to university graduates. Through imagination and examples I challenge the status quo of education. With the tools available everybody is a scientist and can shape the future. When you know what you do not know, than the impossible is indeed possible!

The new book will come in 2018


Circulair Procurement – Seminar Procurement Haagsche Hogeschool

1st National Circular Procurement day Dutch Water Companies (Netherlands)


Hanze University of Applied Science (Groningen, The Netherlands)

University of British Colombia (Vancouver, Canada): Mentor students Civil Engineering community project

Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Peniche, Portugal)

Universitas Surabaya (Surabaya, Indonesia)



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